Erin Giombetti 

Lives and works in New York City


Bachelor of Fine Arts Cornell University        


County Fair, A Potato Farm,
Mt Pleasant, NY
May 2023

Flock, Sheep Not Bird, Bibliowicz and Hartell Galleries,
Ithaca NY
May 2023

Liquidation Sale,Tjaden and Experimental Galleries,
Ithaca, NY
Dec 2022

Anthropu$$yne, Tjaden Experimental Gallery,
Ithaca, NY
May 2022

I See You 2022 & 2023: Ithaca College and Cornell Printmakers, Ithaca Ink Shop,
Ithaca, NY

Apr 2022

Colorful Nonsense, Tjaden Experimental Gallery,
Ithaca, NY
Feb 2022

Una Mostra Dei Lavori Degli Studenti,
Rome, Italy
Dec 2021


John Kip Brady Prize in Printmaking
David R Bean Prize in Fine Arts